Financial Instruments

Looking to trade currency pairs, spot metals or CFDs? We offer more than 60 financial instruments to choose from. Trade them all under one personal account on your MT4 or MT5 platform. Enjoy fast execution, tight spreads, advanced trading tools and use any strategy that suits your style – scalping, news trading, high frequency trading and more. Our support team are ready to help you with any questions you may have.

New to trading or lack the time to monitor the markets? Copy trading may be just what you need. Look through our portfolio of professional traders, compare their annual returns on investments (ROI) and risk levels, read about their strategies and user ratings, and choose who to follow.


Trade on the world’s largest financial market. We offer low spreads, so you can limit your cost of trading. High leverage allows you to trade larger positions than what your actual account balance would permit. When using leverage, remember that this increases your risk as well.

Enjoy high liquidity on the forex market 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. Choose from major, minor and exotic currency pairs. Great options for automated and copy trading.

Spot Metals

Diversify your trading portfolio by including gold and silver. These precious metals are used for hedging risks amid high market volatility. Considered as “safe havens”, gold and silver offer protection against high currency fluctuation during periods of heightened economic and political uncertainty.

Spot gold and silver trading offers high liquidity. Capture long and short positions for higher exposure. And benefit from very low transaction costs.

Energy CFDs

Oil’s importance in the world economy cannot be overstated. Now natural gas has gained significance as being the cleanest fossil fuel. As the prices of these critical commodities fluctuate, it creates opportunities for traders in a highly liquid market.

We offer the two most popular energy CFD instruments – US Crude Oil and UK Crude Oil (Brent) – as well as natural gas CFDs. Benefit from our minimum lot sizes, highly competitive spreads and low margins.

Indices CFDs

Take advantage of opportunities arising from price movements in stocks without actually buying the shares. CFDs make trading the stock market more accessible, fast and easy. You can open both long and short positions depending on whether the market is rising or falling.

Trade CFDs on major global indices, with minimum lot sizes and low margin requirements. Choose from various indices including US S&P 500, UK 100, EU Stocks 50 and German 30.

Indices Futures CFDs

Diversify your portfolio by including an array of financial products, or simply choose from our range of indices futures CFDs, with high liquidity. Newbies can gain exposure to markets across the globe without actually buying and selling the underlying assets.

We offer CFD futures on a variety of indices, including the China A50, Shenzhen 300, Hang Seng and Japan Nikkei 225. Benefit from our minimum lot sizes and low margin requirements.

Shares CFDs

Wish to trade stocks without actually buying and selling shares? Trade shares CFDs instead. Enjoy greater flexibility and avoid paying any brokerage fee.

We offer a wide range of instruments to choose from, with minimum lot sizes. Access the US and UK markets from a single account. Contact our team with any query to experience our personalised services that treat you with value and care.